How to Sell Your Expertise, Attract More Customers and Grow Your Business with a Business Blog

As a business owner or an expert, you need a blog to sell your expertise, make it easy for you to be found, attract prospects and convert them to customers.

You see, a blog is not just a web page for sharing gossips about politicians and celebrities or the latest music and movie in town; it’s actually a marketing tool that can make you visible on the internet to those looking for your expertise or business solution, help you demonstrate your expertise, establish yourself as an authority, bring you loads of customers and triggers of sales journey.

Joe, did you say blogging can do all these?

Gbam! Yes, I did.  Now, follow me as I show you how.

You see, there are four ways a blog can help you grow your business as an expert, a professional or business owner—it can help you get found on the web, demonstrate your expertise, convert prospects to customers and drive traffic to your website.

Many times, when your prospects are looking for who to deliver the service or products that you sell, one of the things they do is to Google something like “HR Consulting near me” or “HR company in Kano” or they could be searching “How to secure a job after NYSC”. When they key in any of those words on search engines, some search results related to the search query are displayed for them.

What makes some appear on that first page may not be because they are the best or biggest, it’s simply because they have enough digital marketing sense to position themselves to be found through search engines when certain keywords are typed.

You can achieve that through strategic blogging on the subjects related to your services/products and optimizing your whole website contents to be found on search engine.

Delving into how to achieve this will make this write up more voluminous than I intended. If you want to learn how to do that, it’s one of the lessons on our Corporate Blogging Basics course. (It’s a BONUS course we deliver to EVERY client we design a corporate website or any non-client who is willing to pay for it).

Moreover, as you write on subjects related to your business, services or products you demonstrate that you sabi your work and that saves you from the hassle of convincing a customer that you are worth every dime you are charging them.

As an example, you are more likely to trust a mechanic who, through his blog showed Three Driving Habits You Have that Makes Your Fuel Finish Too Fast or How to Prevent Hard Starting than the one who put a big signpost on the roadside.

Your business blog can equally help you convert a prospect to customer. You see, when someone is searching for how to prevent hard-starting and stumbles on your article on a search result, he visit your website and read the article. If you optimized your posts well, you will include a product or service that you sell which can help prevent hard-starting as an example and he may order for it after reading the post.

In reading your post, they will come to know you and your business, like you for the tips you provided and trust you for the depth of knowledge you provide for free. With that single blog post, you have earned the knowledge, like and trust attributes that makes converting prospects to customers easy.

And then, your business blog can equally drive traffic to your website.

Whether you sell products or services, if you have a website, people need to visit the website and click through the relevant pages that will lead them from website visitors to customers.

Now, it’s not just any kind of audience you want to visit your website. If your website is a fashion company website, you want those that want to make dress for events like wedding, coronation etc.

This is how it works…

With your blog posts that solve the problem of such people, answer their questions and give them tips, you have attracted the right audience who could click on your gallery and see your designs, scroll down to the testimonial section of your website and see what your past clients are saying and then see your phone number and call you or save it for the time they will need your service.

Joe, do I have to own a business blog or have a blog attached to my website?


You can do any of them; but what I strongly recommend is having a blog attached to your business website. That’s creating a blog section on your website just like,

When you build your blog attached to your website, it drives traffic to your website, you can make money from it, rank high on search engines and easily convert prospects to customers as they click on certain pages and links on your website and sidebar.

However, if you are just starting out and so don’t have a website, what you can actually do is to create a free hosted blog (preferably on wordpress) where you can just share your thoughts, demonstrate your expertise and possibly convert prospects to customers.

My point?

In business blogging, the key factors that determine your success or failure are your contents, design and operation.  You have to provide truly valuable contents; your design has to be professional and mobile responsive and you have to run it effectively. Understand your audience so you can write what they will want to read, optimize your contents for search engine so that it is easily found when your target customers are searching for such contents, services/products you sell and share them on your social media to drive traffic.

To get started with blogging, you can take our FREE blogger course, Starter Blogger Mastery. It’s an email course with each lesson delivered to your email every morning for seven days. Join the class HERE.

If would want to implement business blogging for your business; but want to leave the burden on someone’s shoulders while you focus on your key business area, we will like to take the burden off your shoulder. With our Corporate Blogging Solution, you will get valuable contents for your target customers regularly; we will optimize them for search engine which helps you rank high when prospects are searching for where to get your kind of products or service and we drive traffic to your website with the blog. We always take our A-game to any clients we have to serve; because the result we get for you is our biggest marketing message.

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