our suite of solutions is

Built for Your Brand Growth & Visibility

Whether we are publishing your book, building your website, designing sales funnel or running marketing communications campaign for you, we don’t take our eyes off the big picture. We create visibility and growth that profits your brand. 

Our Tripod of Offerings

We Have Three
Key Solutions


Writing | Editing | Design | Printing | Sales

Our Publishing Offer

Our publishing solution takes care of your publishing needs from writing, editing, design, printing and sales and we deliver with gusto.

Web Solutions

Website  | Sales Funnel | Landing Page 

Web Solutions Offer

Our tech skills come in handy in building websites, landing pages and sales funnels that give your brand visibility, help close sales and grow your business to its your full potential.

Marketing Comm

Ads | Content | Copy | PR | Media 

Our Marcom Offer

When you have a great product, we help you sell with the right strategy, copy, content, channel, production and distribution.

Fratee Evolution

From One Website to Full Service Media Agency

In November 2014, when we started, we just wanted to empower writers with the power to share their thoughts in writing and voice by building them websites with apt features and equipping them with requisite knowledge. As the year passed by, our customers demanded more and we skilled up to serve them. The result is that we have developed a suite of solutions that has made us capable and reliable partners for your clients’ brand visibility and growth.

Our Suite of Services

we have developed a suite of services carefully built for your brand visibility and growth and executed by best hands.

Our Strength at a Glance

We are a multimedia company and have recorded outstanding success in key areas of our services. Our experiences and culture of continuous improvement has made us stronger in some of our services than others.

Book Publishing
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Marketing

The Fratee Experience 

What We Bring to Your Project

Team Effort

We are a team of skilled and trained professionals who bring to bear our best ideas and competence on your project to deliver first-class solutions.

Synergistic Offering

We offer multiple and related media & web solutions which save you the cost, time, and hassle of working with different agencies for your projects.

Support Service

We don’t just deliver the solution you paid for, we support you with insight and a bit of hand holding that helps you make the most of it.


We not only bring on our a-game, we recognise that our clients have preferences and invite their input to ensure we deliver mutually satisfactory project.

Strategic Execution

We understand that the services we offer you are part of a big picture; therefore, we ensure alignment to the big picture in our execution.

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Brands Served

Our Brands

In response to clients demands, we have developed a suite of products to serve you.

how we roll

Our Process

01. Discovery Session

We start our journey on your project with a clear understanding of your project, the scope and it's place in bigger picture.

02. Project Blueprint

Clarity about your project equips us with information we need to design project blueprint which includes deliverables and timeline.

03. Team Execution

Every of our team needed for your project is assembled, briefed on the project and tasked with the deliverables and timelines.

04. Review & Handover

We review deliverables for Fratee signature quality standard, reviews from your team, make final changes and handover project.

Our Blog & Stories

access insight on trends, tools, strategies, people and stories from our work.

Whether you are ready or still thinking about getting any of our services, we can chat about it..even if it's to help you with some clarity.